Volokhova N.V.

Volokhova Natalia Vladimirovna — Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor of Philosophy and Sociology Department of SWSU, Associate Professor of VAK.

Scientific interests: social philosophy, history of Russian philosophy, philosophy of culture, philosophical anthropology, ethics, philosophy of globalism, philosophy of L. N. Tolstoy.
     Scopus Author ID: 57189517020;  WoS Researcher ID: T-7441-2018

The theme of the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy) — The relationship of spiritual values in the socio-philosophical teachings of L. N. Tolstoy.
The theme of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of  Sciences (Philosophy) — The concept of «two minds» in the philosophical and religious anthropology of L. N. Tolstoy.

Scientific and research projects
1. Head of the project «Russian Tradition” in Bioethics: Ethical and Axiological Foundations» (2015-2017).

1. Anthropological, ethical and aesthetic concepts in the social and philosophical heritage of L. N. Tolstoy / N. In. Volokhova. Kursk: Publishing House «Business printing», 2011. — ISBN 978-5-903219-62-9.
2. “Russian tradition” in bioethics: ethical and axiological foundations. Kursk: University Book, SWSU, 2017. 196 p. — ISBN 978-5-907049-51-1.

Main scientific articles
1. «Russian  tradition’s» singularity in modern bioethical studies / SGEM International multidisciplinary scientific conferences on social sciences and arts, 3-9 September 2014, Bulgaria; STEF92 Technology Ltd. P. 679-685.
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Contact information
E-mail: sociokursk@gmail.com