Kamensky E.G.

Kamensky Evgeny Georgievich – PhD in Sociology, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy and Sociology Department in SWSU, Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS).

Research interests include sociology, philosophy, criminology, synergetics, trans-science, postnonclassics, identity, subjectivity, system, universalism.
      Scopus AuthorID: 56491012600; WoS Researcher ID: F-5394-2016

The thesis on competition of degree of the candidate of sociological sciences «Features of sociocultural process of criminalization of the personality in modern Russian society»

Scientific and research projects
1. Performer of the project»Corruption consciousness as a component of modern outlook: approaches to diagnosis and social resilience at the regional level«, 2011-2012.
2. Performer of the project»Intellectual marginalization of Russia: the causes, processes and resistance mechanisms in the context of global innovation development«, 2012-2014.
3. Head of the project «Corruption risks of innovative development: sociological and criminological analysis«,  2013-2015.
4. Performer of the project»This research was supported by research grant of Russian Foundation for Humanities«, 2013-2015.
5. Performer of the project «Forecasting effort and social risks management of anthropogenic human — caused systems development over time human environment transformation processes«, 2014-2015.
6. Performer of the project «Social-anthropological dimensions of convergent technologies«, 2015-2017.

1. Humanitarian examination of a current state of system of the higher education in Russia: Collective monograph- Kursk: SWSU, 2014. — 144 p.
2. Concept of development of a socially oriented humanistic paradigm of an education system: Collective monograph —  Kursk: SWSU, 2014. — 204 p.
3. Corruption culture: essence, formation and translation (on the example of the higher education) — Kursk: SWSU, 2014. — 315 p.
4. Social and anthropological dimensions of convergent technologies methodological aspects: Collective monograph / Otv. red. I.A. Aseeva, V.G. Budanov. – Kursk: ZAO «Universitetskayakniga», 2015. — 239 р.
5.  Risks of being transformed habitat: research and management problem: Collective monograph / Otv. redaktor YU.A. Zubok. – Belgorod: OOO «EHpicentr», 2016. — 208 р.
6. Social and anthropological measurements of convergent technologies. Ontologies and communications: Collective monograph / Otv. red. I.A. Aseeva, V.G. Budanov. — Kursk: ZAO «Universitetskayakniga», 2016. – 251 р.
7.Social and anthropological measurements of convergent technologies. Models, prognosis, risks: Collective monograph /  Otv. red. I.A. Aseeva, V.G. Budanov. — Kursk: ZAO «Universitetskayakniga», 2017. – 243 p.

Main scientific articles
1. Topology of human environment: realistic and futurological evolution modeling based on the transdisciplinary methodology // Review of European Studies. Vol.7. No 12. 2015. pp. 34-47. Doi: 10.5539/res.v7n12p34 (URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/res.v7n12p34)
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1. Management sociology. Kursk: DirektmediaPablishing, 2015. – 385 p.
Contact information
E-mail: sociokursk@gmail.com; kamenskyeg80@gmail.com