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Kravchenko O.A.

Kravchenko Olga Aleksandrovna — PhD in Sociology, assistant of Philosophy and Sociology Department in SWSU. Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS).
Scientific interests — crosscultural communication, scientific communication, dialogue of cultures, BRICS, the matrix of culture, typology of cultures.
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The theme of the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy) — Conceptualization of scientific communication in the process of intercultural interaction (on the example of the BRICS countries).

Scientific and research projects
1. Performer of the project «Prediction and management of social risks of the development of man-made man-made systems in the dynamics of the transformation of the human environment» (2014-2015).


Main scientific articles
1.  Spirituality and morality: philosophical interpretation / / Strategy of socio-economic development of society: management, legal, economic aspects: collection of scientific articles of the 6th International scientific-practical conference (22-23 November 2016), South-West. GOS. Univ. of Illinois, 2 vols, Vol. 1, Kursk: ZAO «University book», 2016. — P. 175-178.
2. Cultural Matrix as a means of optimization the dialogue of cultures of BRICS countries // 3rd International Multidisciplinary scientific conference on social sciences and arts. SGEM 2016. 24-30 august, 2016. Albena, Bulgaria. — Anthropology, archaeology, history and philosophy. Volume II. – P. 643-651.
3. Оrientation to the philosophical and ideological aspects in teaching environmental Sciences // Actual problems of ecology and labour protection: a collection of articles VIII International scientific-practical conference. Kursk, 2016. – Part 1. — P. 272-275.
4. Optimization of the dialogue of cultures by examining the cultural matrices of the countries-partners // news of southwest state University. The Economic Series. Sociology. Management. 2016. — №1 (18) – P.214-217.
5. Humanitarian aspects of the development of Russian-Chinese relations / scientific discussion: questions of sociology, political science, philosophy, history: collection of articles based on the materials of the XLVII international scientific-practical conference «Scientific discussion: sociology, political science, philosophy, history». — M.: Ed. «Internauka», 2016. — №2 (42). — P. 30-35.
6. To the problem of integration of cultural matrices of BRICS countries / / Theses of reports of VII Russian Philosophical Congress » Philosophy. Tolerance. Globalization. East and West: dialogue of worldviews». 2015. — Vol. 2. – P. 245.
7. Problems of communication in international scientific cooperation // news of southwest state University. The Economic Series. Sociology. Management. 2015. — №1 (14). — P. 129-133.
8. The Importance and influence of the cultural matrix on the prospects of cooperation of the BRICS countries // Collection of materials of I all-Russian scientific-practical conference «Likhachev readings 2013: Declaration of the rights of culture D. S. Likhachev and problems of modern society: science, education, culture, spirituality». — Cheboksary, 2014. — P. 14-17.
9.  Humanitarian aspects of NBICS-technologies: system approach / / Proceedings of Southwest state University. The Economic Series. Sociology. Management. — 2013. — №6 (51) – P.78-80.
10. Captivity of loneliness: questions and answers // Dny Vedy — 2013. Materials IX mezinarodni vedecko-prakticka conference. Praha, 2013. — №24. — P. 59-61.


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