Belkina V.A.

Belkina Viktoria Aleksandrovna – Postgraduate Student, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, SWSU.

Research interests include sociology of culture, sociology of communication, sociology of knowledge, social networking.
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Scientific and research projects
1. Performer of the project «Russian Tradition” in Bioethics: Ethical and Axiological Foundations» (2015-2017).
2. Head of the project «Culture of social networks: essence, mechanisms and risks» (2018).


Main scientific articles
1. Features of the medical services market in the context of the transformation of modern Russian society // Problems of modeling social processes: Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region: materials of the Second All-Russia. scientific and practical conf. from Intern. participation, Vladivostok, December 7 — 8, 2016 / [otv. ed. I.G. Cousin] — Vladivostok: Dal’nevost. federal Univ., 2016. — 780 p. — pp. 56-59.
2. Consumption of medical services in the context of the transformation of modern Russian society. In the book: Olympus of the Zhiguli Mountains. Collection of theses of the All-Russian Sociological Forum. Executive editor E. V. Zhelnina. 2017. — p. 60-62.
3. Regional market of medical services: a sociological analysis. Bulletin of the Tambov University. Series: Social Sciences. 2017. Vol. 3. No. 3 (11). with. 69-75.
4. Humanitarian examination of environmental safety: a comparative analysis / Scientific journal «Discourse» — 2018. — 6 (20). — pp. 51-63.


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