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Belkina V.A.

Belkina Viktoria Aleksandrovna – master student of Philosophy and Sociology Department in SWSU, Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS).

Research interests include sociology of culture, sociology of communication, sociology of knowledge, social networking.
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Scientific and research projects
1. Performer of the project «Russian Tradition” in Bioethics: Ethical and Axiological Foundations» (2015-2017).
2. Head of the project «Culture of social networks: essence, mechanisms and risks» (2018).


Main scientific articles
1. Features of the medical services market in the context of the transformation of modern Russian society // Problems of modeling social processes: Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region: materials of the Second All-Russia. scientific and practical conf. from Intern. participation, Vladivostok, December 7 — 8, 2016 / [otv. ed. I.G. Cousin] — Vladivostok: Dal’nevost. federal Univ., 2016. — 780 p. — pp. 56-59.
2. Consumption of medical services in the context of the transformation of modern Russian society. In the book: Olympus of the Zhiguli Mountains. Collection of theses of the All-Russian Sociological Forum. Executive editor E. V. Zhelnina. 2017. — p. 60-62.
3. Regional market of medical services: a sociological analysis. Bulletin of the Tambov University. Series: Social Sciences. 2017. Vol. 3. No. 3 (11). with. 69-75.
4. Humanitarian examination of environmental safety: a comparative analysis / Scientific journal «Discourse» — 2018. — 6 (20). — pp. 51-63.


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