Aseeva I.A.

Aseeva Irina Aleksandrovna — Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor of Philosophy and Sociology Department, SWSU.
Scientific interests — philosophy of science, philosophical prognostics, ethics of science and technology, bioethics.

  Scopus Author ID: 55915855400; WoS Researcher ID: P-3324-2015.


The theme of the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy) — Prophecy as a sociocultural phenomenon.
The theme of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of  Sciences (Philosophy) — Prognostic practices in the science and culture: towards an integrative model.

Scientific and research projects
1. Performer of the project «Transformation of the moral values ​​of medicine in modern Russia«, (2008-2009).
2. Head of the project «Multiculturalism, religion and bioethics«, Venice (2009).
3. Head of the project “Prognostic Practices in Modern Philosophy of Science: Interdisciplinary Aspect”, (2009-2011).
4. Head of the project “Ethical-axiological foundations of post-non-classical practices of knowledge of the future” (2011-2013).
5. Performer of the project “Bioethical Dimensions of Genetics: Prognostic Vector and Socio-Humanitarian Expertise” (2012-2013).
6. Performer of the project «The problem of the systemic and consistency of knowledge in the educational process in the era of objectification of the trans-scientific paradigm» (2012-2013).
7. Head of the project “Realization of the interdisciplinary media project SCHOOL OF MASTERS on the basis of sociological research of the needs of students in a unique educational content” (2012-2013).
8. Head of the project «Organization and holding of an Internet conference with leading scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences» Interactive dialogue of generations in the university educational space » (2012-2013).
9. Performer of the project “Man — NBIC machine: a study of the metaphysical foundations of innovative anthropotechnical projects” (2012-2014).
10. Performer of the project “The potential of scientific and educational strategies for overcoming the anthropological crisis of man-made civilization” (2012-2013).
11. Head of the project “Man in an innovative civilization: transdisciplinary aspects of constructing the future” (2013-2015).
12. Performer of the project «Projects of biotechnological human improvement: humanitarian expertise» (2013-2014).
13. Performer of the project «Prediction and management of social risks of the development of man-made man-made systems in the dynamics of the transformation of the human environment» (2014-2015).
14. Performer of the project “Russian Tradition” in Bioethics: Ethical and Axiological Foundations’’ (2014-2015)”.
15. Head of the project «Socio-anthropological measurement of convergent technologies» (2015-2017).

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2. Humanitarian examination of the modern state of the system of higher education in Russia. Kursk, 2014.
3. Socio-anthropological measurements of convergent technologies. Methodological aspects. Collective monograph / Institute of Philosophy RAS. Kursk, “University Book”, 2015. 239 p.
4. Socio-antrological measurements of convergent technologies. Ontology and communication. Collective monograph / Institute of Philosophy RAS, Kursk, “University Book”. 2016. 251 p.
5. Socio-anthropological measurements of convergent technologies. Models, forecasts, risks. Collective monograph. Kursk: “University Book”, SWSU, 2017. 258 p.
6.«Russian tradition” in bioethics: ethical and axiological foundations. Kursk: “University Book”, SWSU, 2017. 196 p.

Main scientific articles
1. Sociocultural practices and transdisciplinary approach in foresight technologies // Workbooks on bioethics. Issue 18: Man -NBIC machine (philosophical-anthropological and bioethical research) coll. sci. Art. / Ed. P.D. Tishchenko. — Moscow: Izd-vo Nota Bene, 2014. Pp. 7-17.
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1. Fundamentals of Philosophy: study guide / ed. I.A. Aseeva; Southwest State University. — Kursk: SWSU, 2012. — 363 p. — There is an electron. analogue — ISBN 978-5-7681-0798-7.
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